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The Importance of Renewing Wedding Vow

For some people, getting married is one of the most important agenda in their life. It because they have to say wedding vow before the priest. Wedding vow is holy and sacred. It is spoken by the bride and groom and it is not only promises to fellow human but also to God. What is united by God cannot be separated by human, the Bible said. That is why we, human, must thing carefully before saying it in front of God. Make sure we marry the one we love and we will live happily ever after.

 If we truly love our spouse, surely we want to be with them in healthy or in sick, be their partner in facing problems, be a place for them to share their thoughts, etc. Of course there will be problem in every marriage. It will test our sincerity of our love to our spouse.

 In fact, it is important for some people to renew their wedding vow. They see that it is useful to re-emerge the feeling of love and to reminds them how big their love to their spouse.

 One who has done it constantly is Margaret. Margaret might be lucky to find her soul mate, John Beauvoisin. This romantic lovebird has pledged their wedding vows almost 60 times. Margaret and John Beauvoisin, who married in 1948, had renewed their wedding vows every year since 1950. They only negligent on 1949 because of John were placed on Bermuda when he served British Royal Navy. Margareth is formerly a member of union council and now she is 81 years old while John is 84 years old. They looked in tears when they pinned wedding ring on their last wedding ceremony.

 The occasion was attended by ten of their eleven children, and 23 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren at their house on Waterlooville, Hampshire, England. For them, renewing wedding vow is important to maintain the love and affection, make their love become more and more, and it can also commemorate their journey of love.

 Margaret said that she is not a good housewife but John accepted it and still loves her. This heavenly couple meets for the first time on the dance floor on Southsea, Portsmouth.

 According to the experience of Margaret and John, do not hesitate to renew your wedding vow. It is good to show the romantic side of you and to live the love in your relationship.