Timber companies, design houses

Puri Jepara is one big company in Indonesia are engaged in wood processing. Until now we have over 18 years experience in the field of processing HOUSE DOOR (Door) export and other wood processing products with the marketing area in the United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Slovakia, Russia and other countries.

Production GATE HOUSE (wooden interior doors) we are supported by the facilities and machines that can produce quality products, such as Sawmill, Dry Kiln, Veneer Slicer Machine, Hot Press, Cold Press and machinery other modern wood processing. Every month we can produce 10,000 doors made of wood Nyatoh, Teak, Oak, Meranti, Melapi, and others. And hundreds of cubic meters of wood processing made of Meranti species, Bengkirai etc..

With experience of more than 1 (one) decades of experience in processing the door, we always make changes and breakthroughs to create HOUSE DOOR (Door) with the best quality. And to meet the raw materials, we have collection centers and branches in the area of Sulawesi and Kalimantan to get a fresh piece of wood straight from the source. Besides, we also get the best raw materials from reliable suppliers in Surabaya, which can meet the needs on an ongoing basis.

We are a company that put forward the concept of environmentally friendly, a company that manufactures the product HOUSE DOOR (Door) innovative, made of wood with a more forward production technology with systems engineering and modern technology so that GATE HOUSE appear stable, and able to deliver the perfect comfort , and always follow the development of interior design and arsitekstur growing rapidly along with the needs of modern society that are tailored to the lifestyle of the very practical and efficient. Especially the need for products that can optimize the function.


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